The mortgage market is still booming, with the right choice we can get back hundreds of thousands of credit institutions!

There is considerable interest in the latest offers from financial institutions and this unusually high interest in mortgage loans is still to be expected;

If we choose the right home loan

If we choose the right home loan

At the beginning of the year we can see the new offers, and by choosing from the special offers we can win hundreds of thousands of HUF if we choose the right home loan! The new promotions have begun, some of which we are tasting, in the interpretation of the mortgage. com a financial expert at our disposal!

The mortgage expert reports that the availability of interest-linked installments will change from March!

New requests for products linked to the Reference Rate are no longer accepted.

  • The market interest rate on a 5-year market rate and a 5-year qualifying Consumer Loan decreased from 4.58% to 4.38%.
  • If this type of loan has a 10-year interest rate, the interest rate will decrease from 5.16% to 4.99%.
  • Throughout the 10-year fixed-rate market and the Qualified Consumer-Friendly Home Loan, interest rates fell from 5.08% to 4.88%.
  • The bank will release the initial fees if the loan product starts with a slightly higher interest rate!

During the 5-year period, the market interest rate declined from 4.78% to 4.58%.
From 10% over 10 years to 5.18%,
And for a 10-year fixed-rate loan, the interest rate changes from 5.30% to 5.10%.

  • Good Finance Bank Offers: The credit institution will offer a $ 70,000 credit if we launch our new Qualified Consumer Friendly Home Loan Application by May 31st of this year and promptly transfer the repayment details. There should be no 30-day debt to Good Finance, and if there is one, it cannot be more than $ 5,000.

The promotion is only valid for a period of more than 3 years, ie if we have been repaid within 3 years or if the repayment exceeds half of the principal, we will have to repay the amount credited.

  • GFIC Bank has also introduced changes:

When it comes to a 5 year consumer friendly home loan, you get a 0.02% discount on standard interest for a $ 100,000 monthly credit, and a 1.09% credit on a monthly $ 250,000 credit.

Private Banking customers get 1.19% off!

If your goal is to replace your existing loan with a loan, you can get 1.19% off!

A new package expands the range of discounts when applying for a 5-year consumer-friendly home loan to redeem a mortgage loan previously taken from a foreign financial institution, including a $ 100,000 credit.

The decrease is less than that of Good Finance Bank , the interest rate of 10 year consumer friendly mortgage loan decreased from 6.28% to 6.19% for HUF 2 million to HUF 10 million loans.

There is no drop in interest!


According to Mortgage Expert, interest in home loans is still significant, and the desire to acquire a home has not diminished in Hungary!

According to central bank data, January this year surpassed the number and amount of loans requested in a similar period of the previous year. 9% more people claimed, more than $ 72.9 billion.

At banks, the demand for personal loans has also increased, which means a high amount of loans, a higher interest rate, and free use of real estate. Even with a real estate goal, it can be a real opportunity for many!


Mortgage Expert: Financial Institutions Take Advantage of Higher Early Demand! – instead of attracting interest, they are trying to attract more customers with their promotions.

An example:

  • With a 20-year maturity, a 10-year interest rate and a 5% interest rate up to 4.57%, but with a riskier 5-year interest rate, you can find customized loans with a APR of 4.02%!

The housing market is buzzing, and demand for housing loans is proving to be sustained, and even more so, the indicator is due to the steadily rising real estate prices that make it necessary for the population to borrow and thus essential for realizing a home purchase.

The government is supporting young families’ easier access to homes with significant new discounts, and is offering new home buyers an alternative.

All the information about a new family home improvement discount and home loans are available in one place upon request. We answer individual cases, explore the most important practical issues, and help adjust to the new GFIC.

Call our credit broker, fill out the form and we will call you back!

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