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The Marines have long been proud of their identity, that of the discipline and always in search of the best. For many Marines, this takes shape through physical improvement. In a world of growing education, it is essential that Marines train to defeat their opponents not only physically, but also academically.

There are two ways Marines can continue their education: Tuition Assistance (TA) and the SkillBridge program.

TA is a government program where 100% of your tuition is covered at accredited institutions, up to $ 250 per college credit or $ 4,500 per year. It is available at any duty station, and participation in voluntary and academic education programs can even help military members earn points for promotions. The program is available to all active duty Marines, continuous active duty reservists, enlisted reservists ordered on active duty for 120 days, and reserve officers ordered on active duty. New users can only take one course for their first registration, all others are limited to a maximum of two courses at a time.

To use TA, you must meet the following conditions:

– Have a minimum GT score of 100 or a minimum TABE score of 10.2.
– Complete the Marine Corps Institute Personal Financial Management course.
– Cannot be used if you have suffered or are awaiting disciplinary action.
– Cannot be used to pay for flight training.
– You cannot pay more than once for the same course.
– Cannot be approved after the start of the course. Applications must be submitted and order approved before the start of the course.
– Must obtain a grade of D or higher, or P for successful completion of all non-university level courses, and C or higher for university level courses. Otherwise, you must repay all technical assistance funds for that course.

If you are already nearing the end of your military contract and are considering joining the civilian workforce, you can improve your career prospects and career prospects after separation by participating in the SkillBridge program. The SkillBridge program combines civilian opportunities with your professional education and work experience to help you find the career that’s right for you.

Any rank, enlisted or officer, can apply for SkillBridge. SkillBridge allows you to use up to 180 days of service to train and learn with an industry partner. While participating in SkillBridge, you continue to receive military allowance and are covered by your military benefits. Release for SkillBridge is always mission dependent and your Unit Commander must authorize participation before entering into an agreement with interested industry employment partners.

There are many industrial partners offering opportunities in various fields, such as energy, information technology, manufacturing, retail, transportation, public service, etc. These industry partners have developed SkillBridge programs to separate the military because they value your expertise, dedication and service.

If you are stationed at MCAS Cherry Point and would like to learn more about these programs or other opportunities available at the Jerry Marvel Training and Education Building, contact the Marine Corps Community Services Education Office at 252-466 -3500 or visit https: //mccscherrypoint.com/programs/personal-professional-development/education-programs/.

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