Rising oceans

Our oceans are in trouble and this sea / sun vacation is not the time to talk seashells about how we react. Ormeau you could say, but I still believe that giving to the beach receives. It’s time to give back to the ocean. Too often when I talk to marine scientists and look at their faces, I despair of the sea otter. But surrender is not an option we can float. Better to focus on the issues we face and sound the alarm bells. I would say, without any objection, that we find a new porpoise for the new year to come, to protect and restore the blue in our reds, whites and blues.

And speaking of blue, whales all have to work together as we dive into the major ocean threats we face, salmon are possible or nearly unmanageable, like warming, rising, acidifying seas, industrial overfishing, dying reefs, oil, chemicals, plastic and nutrient pollution and I could get mad. There are issues that we sea lions all around us, from melting polar ice to risky mining on the high seas, which are not easily solved by ferry and, without strong action, are at risk. to get worse. Don’t just say you’re the saltwater solution too.

By acting both individually and by schooling together on a large scale, we can bring about a wave of change, I believe. First of all, without delusions, the yawl has to engage deeply and take charge of the change in you, then coral your friends and ask them to channel this change as well, whether by joining a group of local activists or by simply donating a few clams to ride the cause. . You find that activation, along with the evolution of society, can also turn the eel from a sole into struggling or wading. Our boat solutions are after all individual and collective.

In 2002, my organization helped start the algae revolution which outlasted other movements like Octopi Wall Street. It has included summits and bargain lobbies, global awards, books, walks, podcasts, and more. We have worked closely with many ocean sectors, allies and jetties, often encountering individuals in beachfront restaurant sand bars. So our blue movement stays cool and nudibranch in unique docks – the reef worked. on blue solutions, including full protection of 30 percent of the ocean by 2030, greening of ports and shipping (which are pulled into the hearts of sailors) and alwives giving more water to seafarers. frontline communities at risk, both human and wild.

And despite all the bait we catch from Big Oil and biodiversity anemones selling dollars to corrupt politicians who will spit out all they can because they threaten our improved (and plastic infested) public seas with krill. always send them only our best fish. We know these are just examples of shad from our species, and no matter the coast, our tern whelk comes along.

In the new year, we must become aware of the rays, the seas of the moment and the sand together for the cod and the country and from sea to sea shining. We are currently shipping the endangered Congressional Build Back Better legislation to the port as it includes many ocean and climate provisions that could prove to be a useful shark for the system. During this time, our minds will remain supported knowing that by protecting the ocean, we come from a place of deep blue love, not an anchor. Remember the ocean is rising, but so are we!

Extract: “Finding the porpoise in the protection of the oceans is no joke”

Courtesy: Commondreams.org

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