Solomon police rescued after three days lost at sea

Seventeen people, missing at sea in the Solomon Islands for three days, were rescued by an Australian navy vessel.

The missing, which included a number of Royal Solomon Islands Police officers, were traveling on a police vessel, which broke down on its way to Gizo.

They were rescued by HMAS Ararat.

Royal Australian Navy personnel transfer passengers from a Royal Solomon Islands Police Force vessel to HMAS Ararat
Photo: Australian Government – Defense

Solomon Islands Police are still trying to find out what happened to their craft.

The rescue took place in the Shortland Islands between the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

“The stabbi left Gizo and did not arrive at Kulitanae police station as planned. The police response team stationed in Taro, Kariki and Harapa came out to carry out an initial search until late at night, but there was still no sighting of the missing stabbi gear,” said Deputy Commissioner National Operation Everlyn Thugea.

“On the morning of May 21, search and rescue continued until late afternoon when the missing stabbi craft was found and rescued by an Australian Navy vessel,” it said. she declared.

Commander of HMAS AraratLieutenant Commander David Martinussen, said the rescue was a collective effort between partners.

“I am very proud of the professionalism of the team at HMAS Ararat responded to help our friends in need. The rescue was the result of great teamwork and collective effort with our partners in the Solomon Islands.”

Rescued staff and passengers were in good health when found.

They were transferred to Ararat where they received food and water during the return journey to Korovou.

The police vessel was towed and unloaded on its return to the island.

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