Subject: Clyde Falls disposition request


The flagship of maritime decarbonization

Flying the American flag as authorized by a special act of the United States Congress

Awaiting repatriation in Port Glasgow, Scotland

Response to Hawaii Department of Transportation’s Clyde Falls Alienation Request, Ports Division.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 17, 2021 / – Subject: Request for disposition for Clyde Falls

‘Urgent call to action’

Listed by Falls of Clyde Group International

United States / Scotland

Save the Falls of Clyde and the Friends of the Falls of Clyde groups have joined forces with the Ports Division in Honolulu on the fate of the historic tall ship the Falls of Clyde. Clyde Falls is the last of eight iron-clad freighters built on the River Clyde at Port Glasgow. Built in 1878, she spent most of her life in the United States. One of her fame claims is that it took a special act of the United States Congress for her to be allowed to work in the United States. Its former owners, among others, are Matson Shipping, Chevron, Marathon, BP and Exxon.

The Department of Transport, Ports Division, issued a disposal request with a drop-down date of May 21! Once scuttled, this iconic piece of our maritime heritage is lost forever to future generations. We desperately need your support, speaking up and making financial contributions. We need to bring the ship to the River Clyde where it will be restored.

Our proposal to rescue and repatriate Clyde Falls will be the most effective method from an environmental, port security and financial perspective. Any other method will have to meet strict EPA standards for cleaning, liability insurance and bonding in the event the Clyde Falls sink in the harbor. And even stricter national and international standards for towing or floating Clyde Falls off to scuttle.

Not only is Falls of Clyde International’s proposal the most cost effective, but our proposal is also the most environmentally friendly method. We will use a submersible lifting vessel to float Clyde Falls off their deck and then drop her off for the trip back to Port Glasgow.

Clyde Falls is listed on the National Parks website as a registered historic vessel.

Please contact your local officials and ask them to contact the Hawaiian Department of Transportation to cancel the Request for Disposal Proposals and allow us sufficient time to recover Clyde Falls.

We contact the governor’s office and Governor Ige to help get the big lady.

Today she sits unassisted in Honolulu Harbor at Pier 7, in need of a complete makeover. We are ready to safely remove it from the Port of Honolulu and bring it back to Port Glasgow, where it was built.

She will be rebuilt as a fully rigged sailboat once again. These plans include rebuilding and equipping 100% clean propulsion and energy storage systems. This ties in directly with Hawaii’s recent declaration on climate change. He supports the Biden administration to support the decarbonization of the maritime industry and the COP26.

She will play an important role in cleaning up the Pacific of ghost nets thrown from fishing: she will also offer education at sea, with opportunities for students to sail on board and learn to sail on a tall ship and hands-on training. on the climate and the sea environment.

It will also carry ethically produced local products, free trade initiatives, such as sugar, rum, coffee to offer new European markets for their products.

British Royal Navy USN / USMC personnel will be invited to learn traditional navigation techniques.

We must prevent this substantial part of the heritage of Hawaii and Scotland from being abandoned by deliberately sinking it at sea.

We have the support of the entire maritime heritage community with letters of support, and she is welcome to Scotland.

Clyde Falls is also a National Heritage vessel. (Large Ships / Maritime) So this is a call to action to the people of Hawaii, to all Americans and to Scotland, who support their maritime heritage, to Scottish Americans, to Americans concerned about l rise in sea levels and global marine pollution, join us and support the Clyde Falls rescue effort!

We need support now to save our heritage and the future.
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Clyde International Falls
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